International Demeter Wine Trade Fair at Angers, France – February, 2016

International Demeter Wine Trade Fair at Angers, France, from 1st to 3rd February, 2016

Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd February from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.
Wednesday 3rd February from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Angers Exhibition Centre
Novaxia Hall

50 French winemakers + 6 international winemakers (from Chile, Argentina, UK, Switzerland, Spain)

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Common « OFF » and individual « IN »: an innovative trade fair concept! 
For the second time in a row, the Loire Valley Wine Trade Fair holds its wine event together with the Levée de la Loire (organic winemakers and vintners), who have invited Demeter to join the 2016 trade fair.  Their intention is to offer an attractive organic wine section that perfectly represents this quickly expanding market.
Working side by side, La Levée de la Loire and Demeter have decided to pool their respective « backstage » parts of the show in sharing their assets and energy.  The welcome desk, the wine tasting glass and the tasting book are shared.
This trade fair will take place in the NOVAXIA hall, which offers an independent parking lot and a separate entrance, but it remains a full-fledged « On stage » part of the show with a direct access to the Loire Valley Wine Trade Fair.

The little extras at this trade show: 
Shuttle service between the venue and the Anger-St Laud train station
Organic food (reservation needed)
A leisure area with foosball and cafeteria
A €10 deposit for the wine tasting glass

Demeter: The awakening of terroirs through biodynamics 
Testimony of Demeter winemakers you can meet at the fair:

  • Eric Plumet from the Domaine La Cabotte wine estate (Rhône Valley): 
    « Biodynamics is the expression of a very precise place.  On our contiguous estate it has allowed us to discover and to reveal all nuances of our terroir.  Biodynamics activates the whole range of life in the ground and respects all cycles of the micro-organisms living in the soil, and thus makes it possible to set free these oligo-elements that are unique and specific to a particular place.  Our vines assimilate this biodiversity and thus transmit it to our grapes. 
    These grapes are more balanced and enriched by the unique expression of their terroir and transmit this wealth to our wines, that thus become much more refined, more elegant, and more balanced. They indeed do express a place, a soil. 
    We have chosen the Demeter certification – a simple matter of commonsense for a peasant farmer.  To wrap it up in a nutshell: I say what I do and I do what I say.  The bottom line is that it provides our consumers with the guarantee to purchase healthy and living wines. »

  • Vincent Couche from the Domaine Vincent Couche wine estate (Champagne):
    « I hold this passion from my mother.  The call of the vineyard flows right through her veins like it does through mine.  My profession is a genuine calling.  I like this demanding work and I can’t even imagine doing things in any other style or manner than striving for excellence.  My eyes and ears are constantly screening nature.  I meticulously study my vines to find out what their needs are.  And it’s energy and well-being that I struggle to breathe into them with decoctions of medicinal plants like valerian, thyme, nettle and horsetail, and I support them with horn silica (501), horn manure (500) and compost. 
    My perpetual quest is to see my vines flourish and strive and to give my terroirs the ability to reveal themselves.  My constant concern is to obtain outstanding quality and to fully respect the environment. » 

A place for exchange with Demeter
Come and meet with the Demeter France team at the Demeter Info Stand. Check the wealth of available documents, books and DVDs on biodynamic agriculture and more particularly on biodynamic wine (free reading on the spot and purchase).

Don’t forget to arrange for your trip and accommodation to make your visit of our trade show an unforgettable experience!

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